The Trinity St. Clair Bait and Switch Scam

Trinity St. Clair who runs Porn Companions along with Gregg Dodson. The two used to run HelpUBookHer2 and when that went defunct they created Porn Companions and now they have a new one as well called GFE Dating which they are using as “verification” on Porn Companions.

Why so many company name changes? Because Trinity and Gregg run a lot of scams so they are always having to switch things up.

Have you ever wanted to know why Trinity St. Clair tries so hard to work with really well-known names? It’s not because she can make money booking them. In fact, more often than not, the big named girls she has listed, don’t even do privates.

The real reason she wants their names up there is because she does what is called the bait and switch. This is something she has been doing for years. 

Most recently she sent a girl on a tour in New York. A client booked the porn star for an overnight, offering the girl $5,000. The girl accepted the booking only when it came time to do the job, Trinity claimed the guy canceled.

But that turns out was a lie. The client would later contact the girl on social media and let her know that he was sorry that she wasn’t feeling well and that he hoped they could meet one day in the future.

The porn star wasn’t sick. Trinity St. Clair it turned out called the client, said that the porn star was sick and that she could either cancel the job or go in the porn star’s place for a discounted rate. The client accepted the offer of taking Trinity St. Clair instead since according to him, it was better to have Trinity St. Clair for only $2,000 than to have nobody.

Trinity St. Clair has pulled this scam so many times it’s not even funny. Don’t let Trinity St. Clair scam your fans. If you find your name on her website, MAKE HER PULL IT. 

You know Monica Sage?

This is a message we got about Monica Sage. I’ll let you read it and judge for yourself.

I can’t believe nobody is talking about Monica Sage. Yeah she’s still kinda new to the biz but damn surely by now enough people know about her to know what a crazy cunt she is.

I met her in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina and I got Chlamydia.

Anyone who actually knows her or has ever met her in real life knows how highly she edits the shit out of her pics. Here is how she wants you think she looks.

Here is how she actually looks.

She also claims all kinds of shit that aren’t true like she’s going to law school. lol trust me that crazy cunt couldn’t get into law school in a 3rd world country on her best day.

This girl is all about drama.

She talks so much shit about people behind their backs. In the short time I knew her, all she did was talk bad about every girl she knew. I was like dayum bitch ain’t that your best friend?

I wasn’t surprised to see she got in porn. Her friend who I’m friends with now back in South Carolina told me all she ever wanted to do was bang a celeb so she could get famous by telling people about it.

Real big life goals there.

All I’m saying is avoid this STD host.

She ain’t worth the trouble.


Attention Strip Club Owners

Trinity St. Clair’s feature dancing scam has been exposed.

Although it’s been going on for years, what she does is get a club owner to book her as a feature dancer in their club. They pay for her flight and hotel and even promote that she’s coming in town.

Although as more than a few club owners, especially two different clubs in Texas have found out the hard way, she doesn’t really care about your club.

She’s just using that booking to get a free flight to your city where she actually is there to prostitute herself out.

When it comes time to actually make the appearance she may or may not show up, depending or not if she has a John booked to bang her during that time.

And if she doesn’t show up, not to worry. She’ll find some reason to blame your club. She’s got quite a few interesting excuses.

Consider yourself warned. Don’t waste your time or money booking this girl for a feature dancing gig.

She’s only in it for the free trip to your city so she can fuck clients in your area.


Beware of Tara Ashley

Tara Ashley is a porn performer who works with Hussie Models. That in itself should tell you what kind of person she is.

But just in case, let’s go over her history and by history, I mean criminal history. She has quite the rap sheet.

In 2010 she was busted for “Uttering Forged Bills” which is just legal jargon for saying she tried to cash fake checks with someone else’s ID.

Later that same year she was also arrested in possession of heroin. Keep in mind the year before she was also arrested in possession of a controlled substance.

2009 wasn’t a great year for Tara Ashley. She was also nailed for having a fake id, as well as false impersonation. But the biggie for 2009 was her burglary charged.

In 2011 she was back to her old tricks again and arrested for another theft charge.

A few months later, back to being arrested for possession of a controlled substance but this time she was high and her very young child was with her. At that point, he was a toddler. So they also charged her with child abuse and endangerment.

She has a few other felonies including another burglary and one random forced entry arrest. But by now I think you more than get the picture of what kind of person Tara Ashley really is.

Fraud, Theft, Drugs, Child Abuse.

She has been in porn for a few years now working with Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models.

Porn Star Tara Ashley

She also works as an escort.

A few months ago Tara Ashley had to stop doing porn though because she couldn’t the bi-weekly STD test.

It started with a small rash, which she claimed was just dry skin. But the rash spread and she tried to say it was just a ringworm. The industry did just get over a well-known ringworm incident, so it made sense. Only turns out it wasn’t ringworm. Whatever it was caused her to fail the bi-weekly STD test so she had to “retire” from porn.

Tara Ashley is also known for doing bareback escorting and allowing the John’s to cum inside of her.

Sounds crazy but she’s doing it because she wants to get pregnant. This is something she talks about amongst her friends quite often.

Buyer beware with this bitch.



Gregg Dodson says FUCK YOU FOSTA/SESTA I’ll do what I want

What’s a pimp to do when the US government introduces new anti-escorting legislation?

If you are Gregg “Dumb Ass” Dodson, you just say fuck it and do what you want.

Those who know him know that he has long mocked the government, which of course is why he has to put everything in everyone else’s name. Can you name a single project he has that he doesn’t put under some other chick’s name?

But now Gregg Dodson has just reached a new low. If being a low-end pimp isn’t bad enough, now he’s putting these chicks in line to face the feds under some severe charges under the new FOSTA/SESTA law.

Here we have one of his hookers, Katrina Jade, just weeks after the government passed legislation and sites like Backpage and EroticReview shut down, Gregg Dodson throws caution to the wind, and has his girls promote in the most open and obvious places possible, like their social media accounts.

Katrina Jade

What kind of idiot would go on their own social media account and promote their hooking schedule?

Gregg Dodson created a new scheme, I mean website where he pretends like it’s a dating website called GFE dating, which is just a front for low-end hookers.

For those who want to do the right thing, you should go to his twitter account and report it –

While everyone else is playing it safe, Gregg Dodson goes the other way. It only goes to show that he doesn’t give 2 shits about the chicks he works with, as long as he is making his money, fuck who ends up going to jail over it. All he knows is, it won’t be him because he puts everything in everyone else’s name.



Riley Reynold’s of Hussie Models Biggest John Exposed as Forest Barber

Ever wonder why Riley Reynolds sends so many of his girls to Dallas when they first start out? That’s because he’s sending them to visit his biggest client, a john by the name of Forest Barber who lives in a small town just west of Dallas called Graford.

Forest Barber is a former world-class off-shore powerboat racer.

Forest Barber

While I don’t know for sure or not if this next part of the story told to me is true but I’m hearing Forest Barber went through a nasty divorce and lost custody of his daughters under allegations of sexual misconduct with one of them and he now books girls who remind him of his this particular daughter through Hussie Models for overnights.



What does Selena Rose think about escorting?

Selena Rose, who now goes by the name Selena Santa tweeted this to her fans the other day.

Funny she says such a thing considering she herself escorts, or at least she did.

I don’t know about you but being a snitch for the government after getting busted for drugs yourself, and now turning in porn people to save your own ass is kinda worse to me. But what do I know?


Desi Foxx the hooker who pimped out her own daughter

Desi Foxx is a name some of you may know. For the rest of you who don’t, Desi Foxx is a former pornographic actor who entered the industry with her daughter.

Her twitter bio says, “Mom/Grandma/Activist-Spent 2 yrs sex trafficked by most powerful predators in #America“.

Yet she went to the Bunny Ranch of her own free will.

She filmed scene after scene of her own free will. Nobody made her do porn. In fact, those who were around at the time will tell you she even begged for jobs.

Now here she is all these years later pretending none of this happened. Now she’s acting as if she was made to do porn and that she didn’t pimp out her own daughter.

Hell, she didn’t just pimp out her daughter, she actually did scenes with her.

I guess that’s where the saying goes, keep it in the family.

Desi Foxx wants to play the victim card. She wants you to think she had to do porn that someone out there was making her do it. But those of us who were around at the time know better.

Those of us know that her (son/husband) is a convicted pedophile, and she sold her pussy to the highest bidder and when that didn’t make her enough money, so sold her daughter.

She can pretend to be innocent all she wants now, but there will be people like me reminding the world that Desi Foxx is a liar.

SHE sold her daughter into prostitution.

That is all you ever need to know about Desi Foxx.


Let’s talk about Davina Davis Escort

I noticed an Instagram post that read “almost got arrested”. Anytime I see such words coming out of a porn starlets mouth I have to check it out.

This time it was Davina Davis, who while on “tour” in Europe, decided to throw caution to the wind, go topless and take some photos in Rome – with an ancient Roman cathedral in the background she bares her breasts.

This was especially interesting to me since as you can see by her mugshot below, this isn’t Davina Davis’ first run-in with the law.

Porn Star Davina Davis Escort - Mugshot

So who exactly is this girl?

Davina Davis started in 2014 under the name Addison Ryder and in late 2016 she seems to have started using some variation of the name Davina Davis. I’ve also seen her spell it, Daveena Davis.

She’s been with more than a few agents and as we all know, whenever a porn starlet goes through a ton of agents, it’s always a sign there is a problem with the girl and any director who has ever had the misfortune of working with the girl knows exactly what I mean.

In the last year alone she’s been with Hussie Models, Society 15 and LA Direct Models that I know of. Who knows how many others.

Davina Davis is known as a problem child on sets. I don’t know of a set she’s been on that there hasn’t been at least some sort of issue. She’s either late, cursing out the makeup artist, or the production assistant, or refusing to do something or another, just to be a bitch and cause delays on set.

I spoke to one person in the industry what they thought of Davina Davis who laughed and said: “She’s honestly just a pain in the ass”.

What Davina Davis is really known for her not her work in porn, because since 2014 she really hasn’t been in all that many movies, at least not compared to others who have been around for a few years. In reality, Davina Davis spends her time as an escort.

While I have no problem with that, what I do have a problem with is that she is known for bareback tricks.

This means she bangs random John’s without a condom and who are also not tested.

Another little secret some people might now know is that Davina Davis on one escorting website says she charges $1,000 an hour of $1,400 for 90 minutes. But she also escorts locally in the LA area under another name, not advertising herself as the porn star Davina Davis and under this name, she is said to charge as little as $300 per hour.

But back to the issue of stds. There are two rumors going around right now about Davina Davis. The first is that her last agent dropped her after far too many complaints from directors about her diva attitude. And with that means little to no re-bookings. So what’s the point of keeping her on the roster if they can’t get people to work with her more than 1 or 2 times?

I checked out her profile and sure enough, she doesn’t seem to shoot with a company repeatedly like some stars do. Girlfriend Films seems to be the only company willing to work with her multiple times throughout the years. This may explain why she has less than 50 credits to her name in 3 years. As a full-time performer, that number should be 200+ by now.

A popular performer can easily do more than 50 scenes in 3 months. Davina Davis hasn’t done that in 3 years and she’s had multiple agents.

The other rumor, and far more alarming, is that they dropped her because she kept missing important bookings because she kept popping positive for stds.

That might explain people’s reluctance to work with her and could very well be why her last agent dropped her.

All I can say for sure is that you might want to think twice before having intimate relations with Davina Davis because if the rumors are true, she’s taking on quite a few john’s without wearing a condom, and who aren’t tested.

I don’t know about you but that’s far to much risk for me.