The $50 Blow and Go

I don’t personally have a problem with escorting. The problem is because escorting isn’t legal and regulated, you get shady characters coming in and doing things they shouldn’t. They abuse and take advantage of the girls and even the John’s, knowing they don’t really face any trouble because the people they screw over won’t dare risk reporting them out of fear themselves of getting in trouble.

People like Trinity St. Clair gets girls to go to things like Porn Star Karaoke and do the $50 blow and go in the back seat of a fucking car.

A lot of people may be fooled by her pretty face, but that’s what makes her so good at what she does. She looks so sweet and innocent but in reality she will rip you off and stab you in the back and you’ll never see it coming.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Where there is smoke there is fire

We’ve been talking about OC Modelings connection to prostitution for awhile now, especially when they worked with the like of Trinity St. Clair for years.

But that isn’t the first time OC Modeling has been accused of booking girls for privates, as they are known in the porn industry —- which is just another word for hooking jobs.

Former porn star Nicki Blue once outed OC Modeling and specifically Sandra for offering her a private in Dubai with the Prince for $20,000.

Since the party prince died in September of 2015, I’m going to guess these tweets have to be at least 2 years old. But that still goes to show you, where there is smoke there is fire.