Let’s talk about Davina Davis Escort

I noticed an Instagram post that read “almost got arrested”. Anytime I see such words coming out of a porn starlets mouth I have to check it out.

This time it was Davina Davis, who while on “tour” in Europe, decided to throw caution to the wind, go topless and take some photos in Rome – with an ancient Roman cathedral in the background she bares her breasts.

This was especially interesting to me since as you can see by her mugshot below, this isn’t Davina Davis’ first run-in with the law.

Porn Star Davina Davis Escort - Mugshot

So who exactly is this girl?

Davina Davis started in 2014 under the name Addison Ryder and in late 2016 she seems to have started using some variation of the name Davina Davis. I’ve also seen her spell it, Daveena Davis.

She’s been with more than a few agents and as we all know, whenever a porn starlet goes through a ton of agents, it’s always a sign there is a problem with the girl and any director who has ever had the misfortune of working with the girl knows exactly what I mean.

In the last year alone she’s been with Hussie Models, Society 15 and LA Direct Models that I know of. Who knows how many others.

Davina Davis is known as a problem child on sets. I don’t know of a set she’s been on that there hasn’t been at least some sort of issue. She’s either late, cursing out the makeup artist, or the production assistant, or refusing to do something or another, just to be a bitch and cause delays on set.

I spoke to one person in the industry what they thought of Davina Davis who laughed and said: “She’s honestly just a pain in the ass”.

What Davina Davis is really known for her not her work in porn, because since 2014 she really hasn’t been in all that many movies, at least not compared to others who have been around for a few years. In reality, Davina Davis spends her time as an escort.

While I have no problem with that, what I do have a problem with is that she is known for bareback tricks.

This means she bangs random John’s without a condom and who are also not tested.

Another little secret some people might now know is that Davina Davis on one escorting website says she charges $1,000 an hour of $1,400 for 90 minutes. But she also escorts locally in the LA area under another name, not advertising herself as the porn star Davina Davis and under this name, she is said to charge as little as $300 per hour.

But back to the issue of stds. There are two rumors going around right now about Davina Davis. The first is that her last agent dropped her after far too many complaints from directors about her diva attitude. And with that means little to no re-bookings. So what’s the point of keeping her on the roster if they can’t get people to work with her more than 1 or 2 times?

I checked out her profile and sure enough, she doesn’t seem to shoot with a company repeatedly like some stars do.¬†Girlfriend Films seems to be the only company willing to work with her multiple times throughout the years. This may explain why she has less than 50 credits to her name in 3 years. As a full-time performer, that number should be 200+ by now.

A popular performer can easily do more than 50 scenes in 3 months. Davina Davis hasn’t done that in 3 years and she’s had multiple agents.

The other rumor, and far more alarming, is that they dropped her because she kept missing important bookings because she kept popping positive for stds.

That might explain people’s reluctance to work with her and could very well be why her last agent dropped her.

All I can say for sure is that you might want to think twice before having intimate relations with Davina Davis because if the rumors are true, she’s taking on quite a few john’s without wearing a condom, and who aren’t tested.

I don’t know about you but that’s far to much risk for me.