Desi Foxx the hooker who pimped out her own daughter

Desi Foxx is a name some of you may know. For the rest of you who don’t, Desi Foxx is a former pornographic actor who entered the industry with her daughter.

Her twitter bio says, “Mom/Grandma/Activist-Spent 2 yrs sex trafficked by most powerful predators in #America“.

Yet she went to the Bunny Ranch of her own free will.

She filmed scene after scene of her own free will. Nobody made her do porn. In fact, those who were around at the time will tell you she even begged for jobs.

Now here she is all these years later pretending none of this happened. Now she’s acting as if she was made to do porn and that she didn’t pimp out her own daughter.

Hell, she didn’t just pimp out her daughter, she actually did scenes with her.

I guess that’s where the saying goes, keep it in the family.

Desi Foxx wants to play the victim card. She wants you to think she had to do porn that someone out there was making her do it. But those of us who were around at the time know better.

Those of us know that her (son/husband) is a convicted pedophile, and she sold her pussy to the highest bidder and when that didn’t make her enough money, so sold her daughter.

She can pretend to be innocent all she wants now, but there will be people like me reminding the world that Desi Foxx is a liar.

SHE sold her daughter into prostitution.

That is all you ever need to know about Desi Foxx.