Gregg Dodson says FUCK YOU FOSTA/SESTA I’ll do what I want

What’s a pimp to do when the US government introduces new anti-escorting legislation?

If you are Gregg “Dumb Ass” Dodson, you just say fuck it and do what you want.

Those who know him know that he has long mocked the government, which of course is why he has to put everything in everyone else’s name. Can you name a single project he has that he doesn’t put under some other chick’s name?

But now Gregg Dodson has just reached a new low. If being a low-end pimp isn’t bad enough, now he’s putting these chicks in line to face the feds under some severe charges under the new FOSTA/SESTA law.

Here we have one of his hookers, Katrina Jade, just weeks after the government passed legislation and sites like Backpage and EroticReview shut down, Gregg Dodson throws caution to the wind, and has his girls promote in the most open and obvious places possible, like their social media accounts.

Katrina Jade

What kind of idiot would go on their own social media account and promote their hooking schedule?

Gregg Dodson created a new scheme, I mean website where he pretends like it’s a dating website called GFE dating, which is just a front for low-end hookers.

For those who want to do the right thing, you should go to his twitter account and report it –

While everyone else is playing it safe, Gregg Dodson goes the other way. It only goes to show that he doesn’t give 2 shits about the chicks he works with, as long as he is making his money, fuck who ends up going to jail over it. All he knows is, it won’t be him because he puts everything in everyone else’s name.