The Trinity St. Clair Bait and Switch Scam

Trinity St. Clair who runs Porn Companions along with Gregg Dodson. The two used to run HelpUBookHer2 and when that went defunct they created Porn Companions and now they have a new one as well called GFE Dating which they are using as “verification” on Porn Companions.

Why so many company name changes? Because Trinity and Gregg run a lot of scams so they are always having to switch things up.

Have you ever wanted to know why Trinity St. Clair tries so hard to work with really well-known names? It’s not because she can make money booking them. In fact, more often than not, the big named girls she has listed, don’t even do privates.

The real reason she wants their names up there is because she does what is called the bait and switch. This is something she has been doing for years. 

Most recently she sent a girl on a tour in New York. A client booked the porn star for an overnight, offering the girl $5,000. The girl accepted the booking only when it came time to do the job, Trinity claimed the guy canceled.

But that turns out was a lie. The client would later contact the girl on social media and let her know that he was sorry that she wasn’t feeling well and that he hoped they could meet one day in the future.

The porn star wasn’t sick. Trinity St. Clair it turned out called the client, said that the porn star was sick and that she could either cancel the job or go in the porn star’s place for a discounted rate. The client accepted the offer of taking Trinity St. Clair instead since according to him, it was better to have Trinity St. Clair for only $2,000 than to have nobody.

Trinity St. Clair has pulled this scam so many times it’s not even funny. Don’t let Trinity St. Clair scam your fans. If you find your name on her website, MAKE HER PULL IT. 

Gregg Dodson says FUCK YOU FOSTA/SESTA I’ll do what I want

What’s a pimp to do when the US government introduces new anti-escorting legislation?

If you are Gregg “Dumb Ass” Dodson, you just say fuck it and do what you want.

Those who know him know that he has long mocked the government, which of course is why he has to put everything in everyone else’s name. Can you name a single project he has that he doesn’t put under some other chick’s name?

But now Gregg Dodson has just reached a new low. If being a low-end pimp isn’t bad enough, now he’s putting these chicks in line to face the feds under some severe charges under the new FOSTA/SESTA law.

Here we have one of his hookers, Katrina Jade, just weeks after the government passed legislation and sites like Backpage and EroticReview shut down, Gregg Dodson throws caution to the wind, and has his girls promote in the most open and obvious places possible, like their social media accounts.

Katrina Jade

What kind of idiot would go on their own social media account and promote their hooking schedule?

Gregg Dodson created a new scheme, I mean website where he pretends like it’s a dating website called GFE dating, which is just a front for low-end hookers.

For those who want to do the right thing, you should go to his twitter account and report it –

While everyone else is playing it safe, Gregg Dodson goes the other way. It only goes to show that he doesn’t give 2 shits about the chicks he works with, as long as he is making his money, fuck who ends up going to jail over it. All he knows is, it won’t be him because he puts everything in everyone else’s name.



Meet low life pimp Gregg Dodson

This is Gregg Dodson. He enjoys playing puppet master by playing the wizard behind the curtains by hiding behind the curtains as much as he hides under the skirts of women and transsexuals.

Pimp Gregg Dodson

He boldly plays up to weak minded females and transsexuals. People he knows he can later take advantage of and exploit.

Why does Gregg Dodson do this?

He does this because he knows  sooner rather than the later he will get busted and this coward’s sole desires is to leave the weak and defenseless holding the bag while he hides out in his hovel praying his sex offender status goes unnoticed.

He is scared people will expose him for what he is. Gregg Dodson is found of transsexuals and shows zero shame and is proud to personally book them for hooking activities and mix it up a bit with having them as cross overs in both arenas.

He books them for scenes in porn with straight talent via Skyn Talent.

He also books them for privates and doesn’t tell the clients that they are tranny’s and when they show up on client’s door, they get a real surprise.

Shameless fat ass Gregg Dodson promises clueless naive girls that he will put them on the “paper work” as partners but we all know that’s a fucking lie.

All while he is flat broke and penniless owing the government and various other creditors, tens of thousands of dollars.

He hides behind other people to do the work he does. He pretends to be a female when he books clients. But all the while they are talking to him.


Gregg Dodson and his partner in crime Trinity St. Clair promise everyone in their path the world and delivers nothing.

Greedy and Shady desperate fatty Arbuckle Gregg Dodson surround himself with active criminals out setting up switch and bait dates with Trannys as female gender escorts and cares less except for the almighty dollar.

Do you really want to be associated with someone who tricks john’s into fucking a tranny?

Gregg Dodson has also been e-mailing bloggers and pretending to Ashley slandering those he aspires to be.

This buffoon jackass never ever thought one day these emails slandering activities would be exposed and for this Gregg gets the Oscar award and crown as the most deserving and least coveting iron branding like a cow out to lesser greener pasture and the light at the end of the tunnel is a slaughter house of shaming.

Meet Gregg Dodson. Let’s not soon forget this slime ball shit talker. May he be covered in tranny cum licking his chops, but whatever you do, don’t forget this face.

Pimp Gregg Dodson

I want you to make sure you know who he is. This is Gregg Dodson, owner of Skyn Talent, an adult talent agency as well as a service called Adult Verified Video Chat, which has recently had some payment issues with porn stars.

Gregg Dodson also owns HelpUBookHer2 – an illegal escort ring.

He’s also had money problems for years with several civil judgements against him.

What’s important to note is how he conducts his pimping business. He texts and email clients pretending to be a female. What kind of piece of shit man pretends to be a chick?

Oh yeah, Gregg Dodson does.

Can anyone say creepy as fuck?

I  have much much much much more information coming on Gregg Dodson. I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to this low life pimp.


Is Trinity St. Clair a Transsexual Hooker?

Talk about a bait and switch. A man recently booked Trinity St. Clair from, an escort agency run by Greg Dodson. Who showed up? A TRANNY.

Could you imagine, booking an escort through what you thought was a “legit” agency, claiming they are sending you Trinity St. Clair and that thing showing up?

The scary part is, this is a person (Greg Dodson) who runs a legit porn agency, Skyn Talent that is licensed and bonded by the state of California. So he’s mixing mainstream porn performers in with low rent tranny hookers.

Talk about a cross over nightmare.

He’s booking real porn stars with low rent tranny hookers and then the porn stars are coming back filming scenes after doing privates with tranny’s!