Riley Reynold’s of Hussie Models Biggest John Exposed as Forest Barber

Ever wonder why Riley Reynolds sends so many of his girls to Dallas when they first start out? That’s because he’s sending them to visit his biggest client, a john by the name of Forest Barber who lives in a small town just west of Dallas called Graford.

Forest Barber is a former world-class off-shore powerboat racer.

Forest Barber

While I don’t know for sure or not if this next part of the story told to me is true but I’m hearing Forest Barber went through a nasty divorce and lost custody of his daughters under allegations of sexual misconduct with one of them and he now books girls who remind him of his this particular daughter through Hussie Models for overnights.



Beware of hooker Aria Skye

I wanted to warn you about Aria Skye. I found this chick on twitter send her an email which she had listed on her profile.

Online she seemed cool but when she showed up she was all over the place. Couldn’t help but think she might have forgotten to take her ADHD meds.

Something about her just seemed off. I should have trusted my gut and ended things right there.

I won’t bother you with all the nitty-gritty details like how dirty her feet were or how her skin had a faint odor like she had eaten something and it was seeping through her skin, so I had to ask her to shower before things went any further.

Online she sounded like she had it together. I thought we had a nice conversation but in person, she was very different.

I quickly began to realize it wasn’t her that I was speaking to, it was her porn agent, pretending to be her.

I could have still ignored all of that if it weren’t for the fact that when it came time to get intimate and she spread her legs she had a smell that I can’t describe.

I had to pretend like I had food poison to get her to leave. I just couldn’t do it.