What’s the deal with Makeup Artist Jenn Marie?

Listen we aren’t going to make fun of Jenn Marie for photoshopping every pic of herself. I mean anyone who has ever met her knows she is about 50 pounds heavier than what she appears to be in her pics.

But what I want to know is how does a porn industry makeup artist afford to live so large — traveling the world, out partying every night?

I mean we all know how cheap porn companies are and we know damn well what they pay for a day of work.  They make about as much as the guy who is paid to mop up the piss squirt off the floor makes.

One day she’s in Los Angeles, the next thing you know she’s in Miami and then Las Vegas and then New York City. And let’s not forget her recent ski trip and her other trip to Palmillas, Mexico at a high-end resort.

That’s a lot of traveling for a low end “professional” makeup artist.

Could she possibly be making money some other way?

I’m hearing she’s recruiting girls while they are on set to work for Keith J. Rubuliak from Perfection Models.

This guy who runs the company is in the United States illegally working as a pimp.

Keith created a fake female alias “Chloe” to deal with clients. He pretends to be this Chloe character when booking clients however he has been described as a “nightmare to deal with“, and “Disagreeable is the understatement of the year. Avoid avoid avoid“.

These are not my words, they are the real words of real clients who have dealt with him in the past.

With reviews like that. I can’t imagine how they stay in business. Then again it’s quite possible they stay in business because there aren’t people like me rounding up these reviews, outing them for the low-class scum that they are … until now.

One former client wrote, “unless you dont mind having your family involved in your hobbying, extortion and being put in the position where you feel like you might have to kill someone. thats on you though..

By the way, if you don’t know, “hobbying” means in the escorting world, is the practice of hiring hookers. They consider it their hobby, where is where the term hobbying comes from.

Another fan of Perfection Models suggested, “Always pay by cash, and avoid employment references.”

Yet another referred to Perfection Models as “using questionable practices”.

What they are referring to is the extortion practice that Perfection Models uses. Keith will ask for extra money and if the client doesn’t pay up, he’ll contact their boss, their wife, their neighbors and out them for paying his service to hire escorts.

And this my friends is who Jenn Marie works for. This is the guy she recruits porn stars for and tricks them into working with this low life piece of shit.