Former escort Bobbi Billard Gets DD Breast Implants Removed

Former prostitute turned madam is in the news today. The 43-year-old used to run Perfection Models before her boyfriend Keith also known as KJ stole it from her.

Bobbi Billard

The article about her appeared in The Daily Mail, a popular UK news site, says that after spending $100,000 on nine boob jobs, she now has to have her implants removed because her body began rejecting them, ‘forcing them out of her chest’.

She had her first of the 9 breast implant operations when she was just 18 but needed another eight surgeries when she suffered complications from the implants. Eventually, she would increase her breast size from a  B-cup to a DD.

After antibiotics failed to resolve her problem, Bobbi Billard decided to have the implants removed last month.  She suffers from capsular contracture, which happens when a person’s immune system reacts badly to the implants and causes scar tissue to build up.

She has also gone by the name Bridget Addair.