Trinity St. Clair pulls another bait and switch scam

A reader writes in to tell of her experience with Trinity St. SCAM.

Wished I would have read your article about Trinity St. Claire’s bait and switch scam before I signed up with her porn companions bullshit site.

Not 2 long ago I went on a tour to D.C. that Trinity assured me would be great. She said I would easily make $25k in the week I was scheduled to be there. I didn’t.

I didn’t get any bookings the 1st 2 days so I called Trinity and she said she didn’t know what was wrong. That it was probably my fault for not tweeting enough about it, promoting I was in town.

I upped my efforts. Still nothing. Not a single booking.

I’ve done tour’s before, just not with Trinity, so I knew how they went. I never had any problem getting multiple bookings until this trip. It was odd.

Finally I decided to do a little test. I had a good friend call and try and book me through Trinity, to pretend like he was a client.

She pretended that her name was Vanessa and proceeded to tell the guy I wasn’t available that the only girl they had was Trinity St. Clair (HERSELF).

I was furious. I couldn’t believe she did that to me.

I took the next flight and went home. Trinity didn’t even know I was gone. She didn’t end up calling me for another week. That means had I been stupid enough to stay I wouldn’t have had a single booking.

Oh and you know what the dumb bitch did call me for that next week? She wanted me to cover the cost of the ads she claimed she placed for me on Eros.

The nerve of that bitch. I’m so done with her. Lesson learned —– never trust Trinity St. Claire.

The Trinity St. Clair Go Fund Me Scam

They call it the law of cause and effect and it’s the very reason why when you want to call in sick to work one day you don’t dare lie and say someone who is actually alive, died.

For example, sorry I can’t come to work today, my grandmother died or my grandmother is in the hospital.


The law of cause and effect.

Whatever you send into the universe comes back.

In July of 2015 Trinity St. Clair created a gofundme campaign asking for donations for her mother who she claimed has multiple sclerosis.

She was asking for $30,000.


Her lying about her own mother to get money from people is bad enough. But there is much more to this story.

When Mike South made a post about it, questioning the validity of her claims, Trinity St. Clair quickly pulled the gofundme page down, ending it before reaching her goal. But not before raising $25,000.

Mike South claimed that she was using as a way for John’s to pay for her hooking activities.

“Several Guys on and elsewhere Are talking about Trinity St Claire using saying she has been asking and steering paying clients for donations to her mother’s MS condition as a method of payment to her escort and hooking activities.”

I don’t now if that is true but what I do know is, 40 days after closing the campaign, which is 10 days after getting paid by GoFundMe (because it takes 30 days for the money to be paid out) Trinity St. Clair closed escrow on her house.

A house of which she had to put down a large, lump sum payment.

 This is the kind of person you are dealing with when it comes to Trinity St. Clair. There is nothing she won’t do and nobody she won’t scam to get what she wants.

I have much more to come on this house situation. But for now I wanted to make sure you knew about this scam. Only one is a long line of the lies and treachery associated with Trinity St. Clair.