Shy Love STD problems?

Anyone who books a job with Shy Love is stooopid. I mean not only a porn job but an escorting job as well.

If you are ever going to have sex of any kind with Shy Love make sure you see her test and then verify it’s legit through the talent testing or cet website. There is a reason why she isn’t in the pass system.

I’m not saying she’s an STD host but there is a reason she hasn’t been in the PASS system and nobody in the US has seen a valid test from her in years.



Is The VIP Connect a front for illegal prostitution?

I’ve heard rumors for awhile now about what Shy Love does behind closed doors but apparently I’m not the only one who heard this rumor.

If you check out the article about Shy Love and The VIP Connect at Mike South’s website, you’ll see they too came to the same conclusion.

Shy Love Now Operating The VIP Connect


Shy Love Escorts in Paris

Shy Love likes to pretend like she’s a successful agent and that’s how she makes all of her money. But the reality is, she’s actually escorting in Paris. That’s where her real money comes from.

Shy Love hides the fact that she escorts in Paris for one very good reason. She doesn’t want the world to know that’s how she really makes her money.

For years she has had a problem with appearances.

She’s a Puerto Rican. She grew up poor and now as an adult she wants the world to think she is rich and blows all of her money on over priced purses and designer outfits to look like she’s worth more than she is.

That’s why she had to do so many “bachelor parties” for all those years.

As she aged though, she found that she wasn’t getting as many requests to be the party girl (ie: gang bang whore at a party) so she started going to Paris to escort.