Beware of Tara Ashley

Tara Ashley is a porn performer who works with Hussie Models. That in itself should tell you what kind of person she is.

But just in case, let’s go over her history and by history, I mean criminal history. She has quite the rap sheet.

In 2010 she was busted for “Uttering Forged Bills” which is just legal jargon for saying she tried to cash fake checks with someone else’s ID.

Later that same year she was also arrested in possession of heroin. Keep in mind the year before she was also arrested in possession of a controlled substance.

2009 wasn’t a great year for Tara Ashley. She was also nailed for having a fake id, as well as false impersonation. But the biggie for 2009 was her burglary charged.

In 2011 she was back to her old tricks again and arrested for another theft charge.

A few months later, back to being arrested for possession of a controlled substance but this time she was high and her very young child was with her. At that point, he was a toddler. So they also charged her with child abuse and endangerment.

She has a few other felonies including another burglary and one random forced entry arrest. But by now I think you more than get the picture of what kind of person Tara Ashley really is.

Fraud, Theft, Drugs, Child Abuse.

She has been in porn for a few years now working with Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models.

Porn Star Tara Ashley

She also works as an escort.

A few months ago Tara Ashley had to stop doing porn though because she couldn’t the bi-weekly STD test.

It started with a small rash, which she claimed was just dry skin. But the rash spread and she tried to say it was just a ringworm. The industry did just get over a well-known ringworm incident, so it made sense. Only turns out it wasn’t ringworm. Whatever it was caused her to fail the bi-weekly STD test so she had to “retire” from porn.

Tara Ashley is also known for doing bareback escorting and allowing the John’s to cum inside of her.

Sounds crazy but she’s doing it because she wants to get pregnant. This is something she talks about amongst her friends quite often.

Buyer beware with this bitch.