Trinity St. Clair pulls another bait and switch scam

A reader writes in to tell of her experience with Trinity St. SCAM.

Wished I would have read your article about Trinity St. Claire’s bait and switch scam before I signed up with her porn companions bullshit site.

Not 2 long ago I went on a tour to D.C. that Trinity assured me would be great. She said I would easily make $25k in the week I was scheduled to be there. I didn’t.

I didn’t get any bookings the 1st 2 days so I called Trinity and she said she didn’t know what was wrong. That it was probably my fault for not tweeting enough about it, promoting I was in town.

I upped my efforts. Still nothing. Not a single booking.

I’ve done tour’s before, just not with Trinity, so I knew how they went. I never had any problem getting multiple bookings until this trip. It was odd.

Finally I decided to do a little test. I had a good friend call and try and book me through Trinity, to pretend like he was a client.

She pretended that her name was Vanessa and proceeded to tell the guy I wasn’t available that the only girl they had was Trinity St. Clair (HERSELF).

I was furious. I couldn’t believe she did that to me.

I took the next flight and went home. Trinity didn’t even know I was gone. She didn’t end up calling me for another week. That means had I been stupid enough to stay I wouldn’t have had a single booking.

Oh and you know what the dumb bitch did call me for that next week? She wanted me to cover the cost of the ads she claimed she placed for me on Eros.

The nerve of that bitch. I’m so done with her. Lesson learned —– never trust Trinity St. Claire.

The Trinity St. Clair Bait and Switch Scam

Trinity St. Clair who runs Porn Companions along with Gregg Dodson. The two used to run HelpUBookHer2 and when that went defunct they created Porn Companions and now they have a new one as well called GFE Dating which they are using as “verification” on Porn Companions.

Why so many company name changes? Because Trinity and Gregg run a lot of scams so they are always having to switch things up.

Have you ever wanted to know why Trinity St. Clair tries so hard to work with really well-known names? It’s not because she can make money booking them. In fact, more often than not, the big named girls she has listed, don’t even do privates.

The real reason she wants their names up there is because she does what is called the bait and switch. This is something she has been doing for years. 

Most recently she sent a girl on a tour in New York. A client booked the porn star for an overnight, offering the girl $5,000. The girl accepted the booking only when it came time to do the job, Trinity claimed the guy canceled.

But that turns out was a lie. The client would later contact the girl on social media and let her know that he was sorry that she wasn’t feeling well and that he hoped they could meet one day in the future.

The porn star wasn’t sick. Trinity St. Clair it turned out called the client, said that the porn star was sick and that she could either cancel the job or go in the porn star’s place for a discounted rate. The client accepted the offer of taking Trinity St. Clair instead since according to him, it was better to have Trinity St. Clair for only $2,000 than to have nobody.

Trinity St. Clair has pulled this scam so many times it’s not even funny. Don’t let Trinity St. Clair scam your fans. If you find your name on her website, MAKE HER PULL IT. 

Attention Strip Club Owners

Trinity St. Clair’s feature dancing scam has been exposed.

Although it’s been going on for years, what she does is get a club owner to book her as a feature dancer in their club. They pay for her flight and hotel and even promote that she’s coming in town.

Although as more than a few club owners, especially two different clubs in Texas have found out the hard way, she doesn’t really care about your club.

She’s just using that booking to get a free flight to your city where she actually is there to prostitute herself out.

When it comes time to actually make the appearance she may or may not show up, depending or not if she has a John booked to bang her during that time.

And if she doesn’t show up, not to worry. She’ll find some reason to blame your club. She’s got quite a few interesting excuses.

Consider yourself warned. Don’t waste your time or money booking this girl for a feature dancing gig.

She’s only in it for the free trip to your city so she can fuck clients in your area.


Another Trinity St. Clair hooker debacle

Trinity St. Clair is well known for her shady acts but today’s story is fucking hilarious.

She signed up a girl to escort, and sent her on a job the first day. The girl drives over an hour to the hotel but realized once she got there Trinity didn’t give her the room number.

The girl tries to contact Trinity but she stopped responding. So the girl just had to go home because Trinity never got back with her.

In fact, for the next 4 days Trinity didn’t respond.

The girl said fuck it, just take me off your site.

Did Trinity? Of course not.

Trinity hasn’t removed the girl yet. In fact, Trinity flat out refuses to remove her.


The Trinity St. Clair Go Fund Me Scam

They call it the law of cause and effect and it’s the very reason why when you want to call in sick to work one day you don’t dare lie and say someone who is actually alive, died.

For example, sorry I can’t come to work today, my grandmother died or my grandmother is in the hospital.


The law of cause and effect.

Whatever you send into the universe comes back.

In July of 2015 Trinity St. Clair created a gofundme campaign asking for donations for her mother who she claimed has multiple sclerosis.

She was asking for $30,000.


Her lying about her own mother to get money from people is bad enough. But there is much more to this story.

When Mike South made a post about it, questioning the validity of her claims, Trinity St. Clair quickly pulled the gofundme page down, ending it before reaching her goal. But not before raising $25,000.

Mike South claimed that she was using as a way for John’s to pay for her hooking activities.

“Several Guys on and elsewhere Are talking about Trinity St Claire using saying she has been asking and steering paying clients for donations to her mother’s MS condition as a method of payment to her escort and hooking activities.”

I don’t now if that is true but what I do know is, 40 days after closing the campaign, which is 10 days after getting paid by GoFundMe (because it takes 30 days for the money to be paid out) Trinity St. Clair closed escrow on her house.

A house of which she had to put down a large, lump sum payment.

 This is the kind of person you are dealing with when it comes to Trinity St. Clair. There is nothing she won’t do and nobody she won’t scam to get what she wants.

I have much more to come on this house situation. But for now I wanted to make sure you knew about this scam. Only one is a long line of the lies and treachery associated with Trinity St. Clair.

Trinity St. Clair kicked out of TeXXXas convention for hooking

From August 17 to August 20 of this year Houston, Texas was the home to a little show called TeXXXas The Show.  There were quite a few sponsors including Adam & Eve Stores, Vivid Gentlemen’s Club, Virus Vodka, OC Modeling and The Men’s Club just to name a few.


It was a 3 day expo where fans can meet strippers and their favorite porn stars.

The show organizers paid to fly out about 15 porn stars. They were to be paid a set amount of money, plus hotel and flight to and from the show. In addition they would make money by selling their stuff like signed DVDs to fans.

While for the most part things went well at the show. That is except for Trinity St. Clair and one of her friends. They were kicked out of the show, not paid for their time and not even given a return ticket home.

Why, might you ask?

Trinity St. Clair and her friend were caught actually bringing John after John into the hotel room, fucking random guys, offering low cost “quickies“, which basically worked out to be $150 for a half hour.

Man after man went in and out of their room. How did they not realize they would be caught? How fucking stupid do you have to be?

While tacky, still better than her $50 blow and go deal in the back of a car, no?


But seriously, how bad do you have to suck to get kicked out of a convention dedicated to strippers and porn stars?


Is Trinity St. Clair a Transsexual Hooker?

Talk about a bait and switch. A man recently booked Trinity St. Clair from, an escort agency run by Greg Dodson. Who showed up? A TRANNY.

Could you imagine, booking an escort through what you thought was a “legit” agency, claiming they are sending you Trinity St. Clair and that thing showing up?

The scary part is, this is a person (Greg Dodson) who runs a legit porn agency, Skyn Talent that is licensed and bonded by the state of California. So he’s mixing mainstream porn performers in with low rent tranny hookers.

Talk about a cross over nightmare.

He’s booking real porn stars with low rent tranny hookers and then the porn stars are coming back filming scenes after doing privates with tranny’s!




The March of Lies

I got a phone call one day asking me if I did privates. I said I would consider if if the money was right.

The next thing you know, she takes photos of me off of my twitter feed and posts them as if I was available to work at some site called

I never worked with them. I never agreed to work with them. I never had any plan on working with them.

I requested they remove my photos and they refused. It’s been months and they are still promoting me as a “pornstar escort”, but I’m not. I’ve never done a private.

I one time told Trinity St. Clair I might consider it if the money was right. I said MIGHT CONSIDER IT, not that I would.

I never agreed to work for her or her escort site and they still won’t take down my photos.

When I started going public with my story Trinity St. Clair started going around telling people I stole money from her. That never happened. I was never with Trinity St. Clair to steal money from her. She just made up that story to get revenge on me because I was telling people about her sham of an escort agency.

I just wanted you to know the truth about them so if you one day get a call asking if you ever thought about doing privates, you don’t make the mistake of telling Trinity St. Clair or anyone from yes, like I did.

I was stupid. I didn’t know that meant they would put me up on their website and that there would be no way to get my photos down.

Now everyone keeps hitting me up asking me to do a private with them and calling me a low life hooker.

I’m not a bad person. I don’t deserve to be treated like this.


Forced Duo’s

For obvious reasons, I don’t want to use my name but I do want to share my story with you.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with escorting, I just think it’s important you know what you are getting into.

You deserve to be fully informed. I only wished I had been.

I’m a very well known porn star. I’ve been in the business for years. I am a well paid contract star and my name garners a lot of attention.

I’m not trying to imply I have a big ego, I’m just explaining that, well I am who I am.

When I go on what they call a “tour” to a city, it’s not unusual for me to come home after a week or ten days with about $50,000 in my pocket.

I agreed to go on a tour to New York City with Trinity St. Clair. She assured me that if I went with her, I would get twice as many bookings than with my previous agency.

I decided to give her a try. Something about her innocent looking face made me believe her.

When we got to New York things didn’t go well from the start.

She did get me some bookings like she promised, but she booked them all as duo’s and as a result, I ended up going home with about $4,000 instead of the $50,000 I would have normally made from a trip like this.

So keep that in mind if you want to work with Trinity St. Clair. It might not go as well as you might think.