Trinity St. Clair pulls another bait and switch scam

A reader writes in to tell of her experience with Trinity St. SCAM.

Wished I would have read your article about Trinity St. Claire’s bait and switch scam before I signed up with her porn companions bullshit site.

Not 2 long ago I went on a tour to D.C. that Trinity assured me would be great. She said I would easily make $25k in the week I was scheduled to be there. I didn’t.

I didn’t get any bookings the 1st 2 days so I called Trinity and she said she didn’t know what was wrong. That it was probably my fault for not tweeting enough about it, promoting I was in town.

I upped my efforts. Still nothing. Not a single booking.

I’ve done tour’s before, just not with Trinity, so I knew how they went. I never had any problem getting multiple bookings until this trip. It was odd.

Finally I decided to do a little test. I had a good friend call and try and book me through Trinity, to pretend like he was a client.

She pretended that her name was Vanessa and proceeded to tell the guy I wasn’t available that the only girl they had was Trinity St. Clair (HERSELF).

I was furious. I couldn’t believe she did that to me.

I took the next flight and went home. Trinity didn’t even know I was gone. She didn’t end up calling me for another week. That means had I been stupid enough to stay I wouldn’t have had a single booking.

Oh and you know what the dumb bitch did call me for that next week? She wanted me to cover the cost of the ads she claimed she placed for me on Eros.

The nerve of that bitch. I’m so done with her. Lesson learned —– never trust Trinity St. Claire.

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