You know Monica Sage?

This is a message we got about Monica Sage. I’ll let you read it and judge for yourself.

I can’t believe nobody is talking about Monica Sage. Yeah she’s still kinda new to the biz but damn surely by now enough people know about her to know what a crazy cunt she is.

I met her in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina and I got Chlamydia.

Anyone who actually knows her or has ever met her in real life knows how highly she edits the shit out of her pics. Here is how she wants you think she looks.

Here is how she actually looks.

She also claims all kinds of shit that aren’t true like she’s going to law school. lol trust me that crazy cunt couldn’t get into law school in a 3rd world country on her best day.

This girl is all about drama.

She talks so much shit about people behind their backs. In the short time I knew her, all she did was talk bad about every girl she knew. I was like dayum bitch ain’t that your best friend?

I wasn’t surprised to see she got in porn. Her friend who I’m friends with now back in South Carolina told me all she ever wanted to do was bang a celeb so she could get famous by telling people about it.

Real big life goals there.

All I’m saying is avoid this STD host.

She ain’t worth the trouble.


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