Trinity St. Clair

Attention Strip Club Owners

Trinity St. Clair’s feature dancing scam has been exposed.

Although it’s been going on for years, what she does is get a club owner to book her as a feature dancer in their club. They pay for her flight and hotel and even promote that she’s coming in town.

Although as more than a few club owners, especially two different clubs in Texas have found out the hard way, she doesn’t really care about your club.

She’s just using that booking to get a free flight to your city where she actually is there to prostitute herself out.

When it comes time to actually make the appearance she may or may not show up, depending or not if she has a John booked to bang her during that time.

And if she doesn’t show up, not to worry. She’ll find some reason to blame your club. She’s got quite a few interesting excuses.

Consider yourself warned. Don’t waste your time or money booking this girl for a feature dancing gig.

She’s only in it for the free trip to your city so she can fuck clients in your area.


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