I found this article posted from September of this year. It’s really all kind of fucked up.

Porn Star Amber Rayne died in April of this year. So why now 5 months later is she listed as available for escort jobs in LA?

Check out the screenshot I took today (September 1, 2016) of the escorts available by My Platinum Provider in the Los Angeles area. See the big arrow pointing to Amber Rayne? How is she available for hooking jobs when she’s dead and has been so for more than 5 months?




You can’t say they just haven’t updated the site because they’ve been adding new pictures so if they can add new pictures why can’t they remove the ones where the girl no longer works with them or is dead?!?!?!!

In February of this year Natasha Vega passed away. Who did I find on the site as well?


What the hell is wrong with these guys? Why are they promoting these girls who have clearly been dead for a long time now as available for hooking jobs?

I tried to reach Reno (a sometimes male performer) and his wife Mary Bell, who is also an amateur bodybuilder but I didn’t have any luck. They didn’t respond to my emails. They are the ones who run the escort agency.