Beware of Keith Rubuliak and Perfection Models

There are only a handful of escort agencies out there who deal with porn stars so I decided to start looking into more of them.

What caught my attention was when someone asked about an escort agency named Perfection Models and some fanboy said “unless you dont mind having your family involved in your hobbying, extortion and being put in the position where you feel like you might have to kill someone. thats on you though. habby hobbying.

By the way, if you don’t know, “hobbying” means in escorting world, is the practice of hiring hookers. They consider it their hobby, where is where the term hobbying comes from.

Another fan of Perfection Models suggested, “Always pay by cash, and avoid employment references.”

Yet another referred to Perfection Models as “using questionable practices”.

These strange little pop shots about the agency here and there had me curious. What could be so bad about an escort agency that would have so many people talking shit about them? I mean I get every company no matter what is going to have some unhappy clients from time to time but I can’t seem to find any, not a single good thing about this one.

Keith Rubuliak the owner of Perfection Models is originally from Canada. He’s been here a long time, since at least 2006. Not legally of course.

He’s in the United States illegally.

He is currently living in Las Vegas, where he runs his operation. He used to live in New York, then Los Angeles before finally settling in Las Vegas where he now lives as an illegal alien.

He’s been fighting deportation for years and has hired lawyers to help him if nothing else hold off the deportation for as long as they can.

While there is a little bit of information out there about the 40-year-old Keith Rubuliak, what you won’t find is his photo or any links to social media accounts with actual identifying information about him.

I would love to get a photo of this man. If anyone has one hit me up and let me know. We need to out this mother fucker.


Let’s talk about some specifics right now. First and foremost is Keith created a fake female alias “Chloe” to deal with clients. He pretends to be this Chloe character when booking clients however he has been described as a “nightmare to deal with“, and “Disagreeable is the understatement of the year. Avoid avoid avoid“.

These are not my words, they are the real words of real clients who have dealt with him in the past.

With reviews like that. I can’t imagine how they stay in business. Then again it’s quite possible they stay in business because there aren’t people like me rounding up these reviews, outing them for the low-class scum that they are … until now.

Kendra Lust used to work with Keith at Perfection Models. She went on tour and made over $40,000. When she flew home with all that cash the police met her at the airport and took every penny of it.

Kendra Lust, however, isn’t the only porn star that has had the same experience when working with Perfection Models and Keith J. Rubuliak. These kinds of problems have been going on for more than 5 years. I’ve found customer complaint after customer complaint.

If you don’t want to get scammed or extorted I would highly suggest avoiding this Keith and his agency Perfection Models, which on an interesting side note – used to be owned by Bobbi Billard aka Brigitte Adair, his then-girlfriend at the time. Know what Keith did? He stole the company from her.

This guy is a real low life.