The Trinity St. Clair Bait and Switch Scam

Trinity St. Clair who runs Porn Companions along with Gregg Dodson. The two used to run HelpUBookHer2 and when that went defunct they created Porn Companions and now they have a new one as well called GFE Dating which they are using as “verification” on Porn Companions.

Why so many company name changes? Because Trinity and Gregg run a lot of scams so they are always having to switch things up.

Have you ever wanted to know why Trinity St. Clair tries so hard to work with really well-known names? It’s not because she can make money booking them. In fact, more often than not, the big named girls she has listed, don’t even do privates.

The real reason she wants their names up there is because she does what is called the bait and switch. This is something she has been doing for years. 

Most recently she sent a girl on a tour in New York. A client booked the porn star for an overnight, offering the girl $5,000. The girl accepted the booking only when it came time to do the job, Trinity claimed the guy canceled.

But that turns out was a lie. The client would later contact the girl on social media and let her know that he was sorry that she wasn’t feeling well and that he hoped they could meet one day in the future.

The porn star wasn’t sick. Trinity St. Clair it turned out called the client, said that the porn star was sick and that she could either cancel the job or go in the porn star’s place for a discounted rate. The client accepted the offer of taking Trinity St. Clair instead since according to him, it was better to have Trinity St. Clair for only $2,000 than to have nobody.

Trinity St. Clair has pulled this scam so many times it’s not even funny. Don’t let Trinity St. Clair scam your fans. If you find your name on her website, MAKE HER PULL IT. 

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